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2014 Doctoral dissertation, Department of Chinese Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Zurich and Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw (joint degree / cotutelle de thèse) Topic: Literary Body Discourses: Body, Gender and Class in Contemporary Chinese Female-Authored Literature. Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Andrea Riemenschnitter and Prof. Dr. Lidia Kasarello. Summa cum laude.
2007 M.A., Department of Chinese Language, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw.
2003 M.A., Institute of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Warsaw.
1998 Matura (A-Level), High school, Poland.

Academic Employment

2014– Lecturer and postdoctoral research fellow in Chinese Studies at the University of Zurich
2013–2014 Consultant for the research project “Employee Turnover in China and in Switzerland” conducted by the Department of Business Administration – Chair in Human Resource Management, University of Zurich.
2011–2014 Teaching and Research Assistant to Prof. Dr. Andrea Riemenschnitter, Department of Chinese Studies, University of Zurich.
2007–2009 Lecturer in Chinese Language, Warsaw School of Social Psychology.


Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Jaguscik, J. (2014). “‘The Woman Attempting to Disrupt the Ritual’: Representations of Femininity and the Poetics of the Subaltern Body in Contemporary Chinese Female-Authored Potery.” Harvard Asia Quarterly 3: 60–70.
  • Jaguścik, J. (2013). “Zhai Yongming reads Frida Kahlo: Autohistorias.” Asiatische Studien / Études Asiatiques 4: 1301–1325.
  • Jaguscik, J. (2011). “Cultural Representation and Self-Representation of Dagongmei in Contemporary China.” DEP – Deportate, Esuli e Profughe, 17: 121–138 (online).
    Available from: http://www.unive.it/nqcontent.cfm?a_id=98260.
  • Jaguscik, J. (2011). “Zhai Yongmings lyrische Topographien (Frauen, “Kaffeehauslieder” und “New York 2006”).” Asiatische Studien / Études Asiatiques1: 93–112.
  • Jaguścik, J. (2010). “From Women’s Poetry to the Lower Body: Notes on the Chinese Body Writing,” in Marcin Jacoby (ed.), China Past and Present: New Polish Papers in Chinese Studies. Warsaw: Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, 170–179.
  • Jaguścik, J. (2008). “Dyskusje wokół struktury społecznej i klasy średniej w Chinach” (Changes in Social Structure and the Emerging Middle Class in the People’s Republic of China). Sociological Studies4: 91–113. (in Polish)


  • Jaguścik, J. (2014). “Huber, Jörg / Zhao Chuan (eds.): The Body at Stake: Experiments in Chinese Contemporary Arts and Theatre.” Asiatische Studien / Études Asiatiques 1: 407–412.
  • Jaguścik, J. (2012). “Asian Postmodernities and their Legacies. Graduate Student Workshop” (online). Available from: http://www.h-net.org/reviews/showrev.php?id=39915.
  • Jaguścik, J. (2010). “Identitäten in Bewegung. Migration im Film” (online). Available from: http://hsozkult.geschichte.hu-berlin.de/tagungsberichte/id=2990.


  • Coppens, L., Jaguscik, J. & Riefert, C. (2011). “Rey Chow ‘Film und Kulturelle Identität’”, in Bettina Dennerlein Bettina, Elke Frietsch (eds.), Identitäten in Bewegung. Migration im Film. Bielefeld: transcript (English – German), 19–32.


  • (2012) 翟永明:与杨爽 (Justyna Jaguscik)一席访谈 Zhai Yongming: yu Yang Shuang yi xi fangtan (Interview with Zhai Yongming). New Poetry Review (评论新诗 Pinglun xinshi) 2: 255–276. (in Chinese)

Grants and Awards

2015 My doctoral dissertation was awarded with the Annual Prize for outstanding research work from the Faculty of Arts, University of Zurich.  
2012 Forschungskredit (Candoc), University of Zurich.  
2012 (Together with Laura Coppens and Jessica Imbach) Graduate Campus Grant, University of Zurich  
2010 Ph.D. Student Exchange Grant, Sino-Swiss Science and Technology Cooperation & Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)  
2009 Research grant, Central and Eastern Europe Program, University of Zurich  
2008–2009 (Together with Prof. Lidia Kasarello, University of Warsaw) Research Grant, Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation  
2008 European Association for Chinese Studies, Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation Library Travel Grant

Scholarly Service

2014– Field Editor for Chinese Literature Dissertation Reviews (http://dissertationreviews.org/east-south-and-southeast-asia/chinese-literature)

Professional Associations

Member, European Association for Chinese Studies