Jessica Imbach

Jessica Imbach, Dr.

Assistentin Sinologie

Raumbezeichnung: ZUB 4-407

Curriculum Vitae

Jan – March 2014 Visiting Scholar Shanghai University
Beginning May 2012 Marie Heim-Vögtlin fellowship of the Swiss National Science Foundation
Feb. 2011 – April 2012 Institute of East Asian Studies, University of Zurich assistant lecturer, Modern Chinese Studies; doctoral candidate
April 2010 Master’s thesis on space and cultural identity in Yan Lianke’s novel Shouhuo
May 2009 Winner of the translation contest “Kreuzworträtsel” of the Goethe Institute Shanghai
2008–2009 Assistant lecturer (without degree), Modern Chinese Studies
2007–2008 University of Zurich: Student assistant, tutorage Modern Chinese
2006–2010 University of Zurich, Master’s Degree program in Chinese Studies (major), Modern History and General Linguistics (minors)
2004–2005 One-year language program at Yuyan xueyuan (Beijing), CRUS study grant
2003–2006 University of Zurich, undergraduate program in Chinese Studies (major), Modern History and General Linguistics (minors)



„Dem Realismus ein Grab: Yan Liankes Shouhuo als ‚kleine Literatur’“ [Burying realism: Yan Lianke’s Shouhuo as ‚minor literature’“]. Asiatische Studien 66, 1, 2012.

Conference reports

Tagungsbericht Ghosts in Asian Cinemas. 04.11.2011–05.11.2011, Zurich, in: H-Soz-u-Kult, 25.01.2012, <>.


5.11.2011: “Chinese theatricality and the specter of the Cultural Revolution in Yu Xiaoyang’s The Shore of Mist”. International Workshop: Ghosts in Asian Cinemas, Zurich, 4.–5.11.2011.

31.03.2012: “Ghost politics and the politics of ghosts: A reading of Su Tong's The Completion of the Ritual”. Graduate Student Workshop: Asian Postmodernities and their Legacies, Zurich, 30.–31.03.2012.

14.07.2012: “’Ich habe kein Amt und kein Geld, aber ich bin ein Müssiggänger (xianren)’:Eine Analyse der literarischen Figur des xianren in Jia Pingwas Weiss|Nacht”. Tagung: Kleine Literaturen: Der Rand schreibt zurück, Erlangen, 13.–14.07.2012.

04.10.2012: “Fictions of Mulian ghosts in Lu Xun and Jia Pingwa's writings”. Workshop: Ghost-Movies in Southeast Asia and Beyond: Narratives, Cultural Contexts, Audiences, Göttingen, 03.–06.10.2012.


Winter semester 2012: “Übung zum modernen China II: Changing Mediain Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan“.

Research Interests

20th century Chinese fiction, ghost narratives, cultural and aesthetic modernities, theories of haunting and memory