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Short Bio

Elena Louisa Lange (born 1976) has studied Philosophy and Japanese Studies at the University of Hamburg where she graduated with a work on Sartre and Hegel’s Logic in 2005. In 2011, she received her PhD from the University of Zurich with her dissertation “The Overcoming of the Subject: Nishida Kitarō’s Way to Ideology” which has partly been funded by the Monbushō for the University in Fukui (Japan), where she was a doctoral researcher from 2006–2008. From 2010–13, she has been assistant to Prof. Raji C. Steineck. Since 2009, Lange has been teaching classes on intellectual history, Japanese philosophy, Marxism and anarchism, and eminent Japanese intellectuals such as Tosaka Jun, Umemoto Katsumi, and Uno Kōzō. She has co-edited a book on modern Japanese philosophy (Begriff und Bild der modernen japanischen Philosophie, frommann-holzboog 2014), is currently co-editing an anthology on Philosophy in Asia (What Is Philosophy?, Brill, forthcoming in 2016) and is co-editor of a Reader in Japanese Critical Thought, a project to translate texts from the Japanese tradition that critically deal with capitalist modernity (forthcoming). She regularly gives lectures and conducts workshops on Marx’s Capital.

Research Focus

Modern Japanese intellectual history, especially the reception of the Marxian Critique of Political Economy in Japan, Critical Theory in and outside of Japan, continental philosophy (Kant and German Idealism), theoretical philosophy (theory of dialectics, epistemology and logic), criticisms of postcolonial theory and cultural studies

Post-Doctoral Project

The post doctoral study focuses on a critical evaluation of Uno Kōzō’s (1897–1977) new conception of the Marxian Critique of Political Economy. Uno and his School’s reconstruction in order to provide a new method and object of political economy is in our view problematic and leads to a truncated view of the global capitalist production and reproduction process. This is primarily reflected 1) in a stage-theoretical approach to capitalist modernity and 2) the disavowal of the labour theory of value as the heuristic approach to the analysis. Our study aims to show why an in-depth analysis of the relation between value and labour, as well as the relation between cycles of reproduction and (social) crises is eminent for understanding the critical impetus of the Marxian critique of the capitalist mode of production. We also hope to show that the undisputed political leadership of the LDP has structural reasons in the decline of political relevance of Marxian scholarship in Japan, which has partly also been promoted by the ‘social-democratic turn’ within Uno School interpretations of Marx.

More information about the project: Fetish and Value – Uno Kōzō (1897–1977) and his school in light of the Marxian Critique of Political Economy

Publications (selection)

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