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Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh Kumar, Dr.

  • Postdoc SNF-Projekt "Caste Religion and Social Mobility in India"
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RAA H-29


Dr. Mukesh Kumar is an SNSF senior fellow and lecturer at the Institute. His research interests lie at the intersection of history and anthropology, focusing on socio-cultural, economic and religious encounters between various religious traditions in South Asia. Dr. Kumar received his PhD from the University of Technology in Sydney in 2019. Following PhD, his research projects have been supported by prestigious grants and fellowships, including those from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (2019-21), ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2021-23), and the Swiss National Science Foundation (2024-28).

His first book, Between Muslim Pīr and Hindu Saint: Laldas and the Devotional Culture in North India (2024), has been published by Cambridge University Press. In addition to a co-edited volume on the Basel Mission, which is under contract with Leiden University Press, Dr. Kumar is currently working on two monographs: one addressing issues of caste, religion, and social mobility among the Billavas, and another focusing on urban religion, specifically the religious order of Sant Rampal in Delhi.


South Asian Religions, Religious Conversion, Devotional Hinduism, Social Mobility, Caste and Music, Yoga, Tantra, Sacred Spaces.

Ausgewählte Publikationen

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